Former HBO Europe producer Gabor Krigler has launched indie producer, Joyrider Television. It goes out of the gate with a non-exclusive development deal with HBO Europe, which has moved heavily into original programming with numerous series out of Central and Eastern Europe, as well as originals from Scandinavia and Iberia

The new shingle will be based in Budapest, Hungary, and work up scripted projects from Europe. Krigler said he hopes to have a first project greenlit in the fall.

”We are focusing on developing high concept, genre-based serial narratives with strong thematic cores, exploring the human condition in an entertaining and meaningful way, aimed at international markets,” Krigler said.

During his time at HBO Europe in Hungary, Krigler produced drama series, including “Golden Life,” the local adaptation of “In Treatment,” and “Shall We Kiss.”

Krigler said that his roles as head of studies at the Midpoint TV Launch program, a drama training and networking program based in Prague, and as a visiting lecturer at Cinelink Drama, Serial Eyes, and the Torino Film Lab, will help connect him with talent.

“Mentoring and tutoring at these prestigious programs gives me the opportunity to find new talent and scout for fresh and unique projects,” he said.