Wild Bunch TV has joined “Her Horror,” the female-led anthology series from recently-minted drama shingle RubyRock Pictures and Clipper Media Capital. “Her Horror” is billed as a feminist anthology series that will examine the female experience through the prism of horror.

Zoë Rocha, former COO of Stephen Fry’s Sprout Pictures and a business affairs exec at Recorded Picture Company/HanWay Films, launched RubyRock in early Oct. Ahead of it being pitched at the drama series forum at MIA in Rome, Wild Bunch TV has gotten on board the project.

Rocha told Variety that “Her Horror” got off the ground after a meeting with Zara Symes who created the project. She said that the series will reclaim a genre in which women are often brutalized. Each episode will draw inspiration from specific aspects of the female experience such as puberty, childbearing, menopause, and ageing. The plan is to reference classic horror tropes while also examining themes surrounding feminine identity.

Wild Bunch TV will develop and finance the series alongside RubyRock.

RubyRock’s other project in the market is “Heartless.” It is a snapshot of the indie music scene in early 1990s London, inspired by creator Lucie Barât’s own experiences, and the journey of her brother Carl Barât’s band, The Libertines. Lucie and Carl Barât will create an original soundtrack.