Viewers who tuned into the Emmys on Sunday night saw the “Game of Thrones” cast reunite for the first time since the epic finale, and caught Adam DeVine’s head-scratching musical number. They also saw the stars of “Veep” rally once more, and witnessed the magic that is Billy Porter’s awards show fashion.

But there’s a ton that cameras didn’t capture during the annual telecast of TV’s biggest night. Luckily, Variety was on the scene to catch everything from love for Phoebe Waller-Bridge to cheers for Jharrel Jerome. Here are five things you didn’t see during the Emmys:

1. Get on your feet
Emmys watchers may have seen the standing ovations so many people received — Patricia Arquette and Norman Lear to name a few — but the applause continued when winners got back to their seats. The “When They See Us” team jumped out of their chairs when first-time winner Jharrel Jerome returned from backstage. The “Fleabag” cast and crew did the same for Phoebe Waller-Bridge for each of her wins.

2. All in the family
Laverne Cox wanted to make sure she had a record of her trans brothers and sisters at the Emmys. She raced up and down the aisle during one commercial break looking for the “Pose” posse. She took a group selfie as soon as she found them. Ava DuVernay snapped group selfie with the Exonerated Five but not before they had a big group hug.

3. Our watch begins
Kit Harrington and Sophie Turner had a long embrace before having a small chat. Meanwhile, the announcer pleaded with people to return to their seats because the show was back “in one minute.”

4. Front row sightings 
Laura Linney bent down to chat with Sandra Oh in the front row. After chatting for a few minutes, Oh whipped out her phone and it appeared that Linney was giving the “Killing Eve” star her phone number or maybe her email address. Sitting nearby were Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones enjoying some snacks. And in the corner seat of the same row, Sterling K. Brown was heard singing for a couple of friends sitting behind him.

5. Sister act
Kim Kardashian West and Kendall Jenner were targeted with some laughs at them — and not with them — shortly after walking on stage to present reality competition show to “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” Kylie Jenner was supposed to join her sisters, but a source says she told producer earlier in the day she couldn’t make it because she said she wasn’t feeling well.