Disney fans lined up to be among the first to subscribe to the company’s forthcoming streaming service.

The D23 Expo convention hall, filled with giant Marvel exhibits and cos-players also featured a kiosk to sign up for Disney Plus. The incentive? An offer to save $23 per year on a three-year subscription to the service.

When asked why she was standing in line to hand over her credit card for Disney Plus, one lady dressed in a sparkly Elsa costume from “Frozen” told Variety it was because she’s a “huge Disney fan” and considers it being “loyal to the company” to sign up for the service at the earliest possible time.

“I’m just looking forward to the shows coming to the service, mostly the ‘Star Wars’ ones,” she said.

The woman, who was flanked by a friend dressed as Anna from the same movie, revealed that she is currently only signed up to two of Disney’s rival services, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

“I probably won’t do Apple TV Plus, for me it’s to do with my budget and what I like,” she said. “I have Amazon because it comes free with Prime and Netflix because I like a lot their cool series.”

Another person standing in line said she “couldn’t wait” to sign up for Disney Plus because of the “wide variety of content across all their subsidiaries.”

“I’m particularly excited about the original Marvel series with Loki,” she said.

Asked if there was a limit when it comes to how many services she’s going to sign up for, the woman said she was willing to “subscribe to all them.” Currently she pays for Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu.

Of the four people Variety spoke to, all of them were cord cutters who said they “barely” watch broadcast or cable TV any more, a fact which is perhaps unsurprising given their eagerness to pay for Disney’s streaming platform before the service even launches.

Sources tell Variety that D23 members will still have an opportunity to take advantage of the deal after the expos ends this weekend, but add that this is the only discount of this scale that Disney plans to offer for signing up for the new service.