The CW president Mark Pedowitz spoke about how the broadcaster is positioned in the streaming world during the Television Critics Association summer press tour on Sunday.

Pedowitz stated that freshman CW shows “All American,” “Legacies,” the “Charmed” reboot,” and “In the Dark,” all had “pretty fabulous” viewership once they became available on Netflix, which contributed to all of the shows getting picked up for second seasons. He went on to say that the challenge is “to get the viewers to come watch it on our platform as well as Netflix.”

As was previously reported, however, The CW’s distribution deal with Netflix is set to conclude. That does not mean that CW shows will no longer end up on Netflix, but rather the streamer will have to bid for them against other outlets.

The CW announced on Sunday the upcoming shows “Batwoman,” “Nancy Drew,” and “Katy Keene” will stream exclusively on its digital platforms throughout the full current season. After the season finale of each show, the full season will be available on the network’s digital platforms until 30 days prior to the start of the next season, at which point they will move to their respective longer term streaming homes — HBO Max for “Batwoman” and “Katey Keene,” CBS All Access for “Nancy Drew.”

Pedowitz also spoke about the end of CW cornerstones “Supernatural” and “Arrow,” both of which will conclude during the 2019-2020 season.

“All I can tell you is Jared [Padalecki], Jensen [Ackles], Peter Roth from Warner Bros,, and myself had a very long, sad, heartbreaking, discussion and we all came to understand what the guys wanted to do. They wanted to go out still loving it, they wanted to be with their families, and they wanted to see what else was out there.” Pedowitz also said that the feeling at the network had always been that when the leads were ready to stop doing the show, they would stop.

“For them and for Stephen Amell and ‘Arrow’ these shows will go out the way there were supposed to go,” he said. He also praised “Arrow” for spawning six additional DC shows in the so-called “Arrowverse,” saying that “Batwoman” was the “next evolution” of that universe. “We believe these franchises, this universe will continue for many, many years,” he said.

Pedowitz also addressed whether there would be any more attempts at developing spinoffs of “Supernatural” after two previous failed attempts.

“We have had no further discussions whatsoever in terms of a ‘Supernatural’ spinoff,” he said. “I tend to believe at this point that the show’s essence and blood is Jared and Jensen.” Pedowitz did say, though, that the CW was actively looking at a new DC property to develop currently.

Speaking of spinoffs, next season The CW will launch the drama “Katy Keene,” the first spinoff of the “Archie” universe first established by “Riverdale.” When asked if there are any other “Archie” characters being considered for another spinoff, Pedowtiz said “not at this time.”

Finally, Pedowitz also discussed whether or not The CW would continue producing shows in Georgia should the state’s controversial new fetal heartbeat abortion law go into effect.

“First, anybody who interferes with people’s right to make medical choices, I am solely against,” he said. “Secondly, the law is not in effect yet. We are following the path of our parent companies. If the law is passed I am certain we will have discussions with both studios about what to do and what not to do in terms of where Georgia sits.”