Chelsea Handler may be best known for her pop culture rants and comedic musings, but the Netflix host and actress is tackling more serious subject matter in her new memoir, “Life Will Be The Death Of Me.

Due out April 9 (via publishers Spiegel & Grau), the book follows Handler as she embarks on a “Year of Self-Sufficiency” after finding herself at a low point both personally and professionally, following Donald Trump’s election night victory in 2016. After what the “Chelsea” star describes as a “torpor of despair,” she decides to do something about the “privileged bubble” she lives in, and embarks on a journey to re-discover her voice in the world, and how she can use her voice for change.

“I started seeing a psychiatrist after Russia got Trump elected, and I started writing things down after our sessions,” Handler shares, about the process behind the book. “I recognized that it was an opportunity to take a good look at myself, and share that experience with the world in the way I want to share everything.”

The book touches on everything from friendships and relationships, to political activism and the comedian’s “healthy obsession” with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, but Handler says the book also addresses topics she has never publicly spoken about before, like confronting the pain of her childhood and family loss. “Mostly I learned that I was behaving irresponsibly and that I was in deep deep pain from losing my brother,” she says. “[It’s a] subject matter I had never properly addressed.”

Spiegel & Grau

“Life Will Be The Death Of Me” is Handler’s first book in five years, and follows the success of “Uganda Be Kidding Me” (read it here) which quickly made its way to the New York Times Best-seller List and spawned a subsequent Netflix special.

To support her latest book, Handler is embarking on her first cross-country comedy tour in more than five years. Produced by Live Nation, the 16-city nationwide tour is titled “Life Will Be the Death of Me: Chelsea Handler’s Sit-Down Comedy Tour” and kicks off April 11 in Boston. Tickets are currently still available for most of the dates.

Handler says the book — and tour — will be “funny, sad, super-honest, and all true,” and while her self-deprecating humor remains intact, she’s hoping the memoir will show readers a different, more vulnerable side to her. As Handler’s friend, Tiffany Haddish, says in an accompanying press release, “I love this book because I feel like I finally really got to know Chelsea Handler after all these years.”

While she’s gleaned a number of lessons from her journey of self-discovery, Handler says she’s picked up one key takeaway that she hopes will resonate not just with her fans and followers, but for people in the industry as well. “Look around more and pay attention to the people who really need attention,” she says, “not to the ones who are trying so hard to get it.”

“Life Will Be The Death Of Me” is available to order on Amazon and Amazon Kindle. You can also download and listen to it for free on audiobook with a 30-day free trial to Amazon Audible. Tickets for Handler’s book tour are available here.

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