Anthony Scaramucci is officially out of the “Big Brother: Celebrity Edition” house.

The second season of “Big Brother: Celebrity Edition” was underway for less than a week when viewers of the live feeds got their first hint that something was amiss: Anthony Scaramucci, the former White House director of communications, was no longer among the rest of the houseguests. It took a few days before the linear broadcast of the episodes caught up with the action, and on the Jan. 25 episode, it was revealed that Scaramucci was not really a houseguest but just part of a bigger twist of the season.

With everyone else gathered in the living room, Scaramucci popped up on the television in a suit and with an American flag backdrop. “Surprise!” he told his new friends. “Just like I left my mark in Washington, I’m going to leave my mark on the ‘Big Brother’ game.”

Scaramucci said that the “Big Brother” house resembled his time in Washington, D.C. in one key way: “You get judged quickly — before people really know who you are. And you never get a second chance.”

However, Scaramucci was on the block for eviction, and with his exit from the house, the game had been thrown for a loop. In a new twist, he offered the other houseguests up for eviction (actor Jonathan Bennett and comedian Tom Green) a second chance at safety with “Mooch’s veto.”

The competition that then took place was Scaramucci-themed, with houseguests having to sift through news headlines about him to figure out which were real and which were “fake news.”

Although Scaramucci confirmed on-air that he was “out of the house for good,” whether he pops back up as part of challenges or additional twists in the season is less certain. The show’s motto is to “expect the unexpected,” after all.