In the wake of revealing to “Busy Tonight” viewers that she had had an abortion — and creating the #YouKnowMe hashtag on social media — Busy Philipps is teaming up with the ACLU on a “You Know Me” ad campaign meant to rebut recent legislation in several states that restrict access to abortion.

“You know me; you someone like me,” says Philipps in the 30-second spot, which features the hashtag. “I had an abortion. It was my decision. Today, it’s my right. But states are trying to take that right away by taking on Roe v. Wade, and Trump is making it possible. He’s appointing anti-choice judges on the federal courts and the Supreme Court. The ACLU is fighting to stop abortion bans and restrictions in Alabama and in 13 other states. Join us. Speak up. It’s no time to sit on the sidelines.”

Philipps first disclosed her own experience on her late-night talk show after Georgia governor Brian Kemp signed into law the “heartbeat” bill. The legislation restricts abortions after the detection of a fetal heartbeat, which usually occurs around the six-week mark of pregnancy, well before many women know they’re pregnant. The “Busy Tonight” segment was met with a vocal response that Philipps told Variety was “overwhelmingly positive,” prompting her to start the hashtag to encourage women to talk about their own abortions.

The ACLU ad, a six-figure buy, will appear on MSNBC, CNN and on the web through next week. Expect to see it during airings of “the Rachel Maddow Show, “All In with Chris Hayes,” “CNN Tonight with Don Lemon,” and “Anderson Cooper 360.”

“This is the most recent front in a war to protect civil rights and civil liberties from a hostile Trump administration that has also enabled ideologues to push the same agenda at the state level,” said ACLU executive director Anthony Romero in a statement. “In the fight to safeguard abortion, this is our Alamo. The ACLU is grateful to Busy for using her voice to bring even more attention to this crucial moment in the ongoing fight for our abortion rights. The voices of Americans around the country are essential to fight back in this moment. Abortion is a constitutional right, and we will continue to fight for it, in every way we can.”

Watch the ad below.