Zee’s Global Content Hub has announced the first European deals for its blue-chip documentary “The Life of Earth From Space.”

RTL’s pay-TV service Geo TV will show the documentary in Germany, while Discovery has taken it for its U.K., Spain and Benelux channels. Other buyers include Planete + for France and Africa, NRK for Norway, and Servus TV in Austria.

The two-hour feature looks at the planet’s 4.5 billion-year old history from the vantage point of space through a combination of footage and CGI. These include an attempt to show what thermal imaging of the first humans crossing the Red Sea to Saudi Arabia would have looked like, and views from the International Space Station that have been transformed to show Earth as it would have been during the Ice Age. The program was shot in multiple locations including Iceland, Ireland, U.K., U.S., Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

The program is a co-production between Zee Entertainment, Talesmith U.K., and the Smithsonian Channel.

Sunita Uchil, chief business officer of Zee’s Global Content Hub, said: “This project was a first for us in the premium doc space and we are very proud of the high production values, and the expertise from NASA scientists and astronauts, as well as world-renowned palaeontologists who provide a comprehensive overview of how this great planet Earth was created.”