Poland’s Tako Media is to produce a local version of Russian comedy series “The Ivanovs vs. the Ivanovs” following a format deal with All Media.

The series turns on the premise that two babies were accidentally swapped at birth and then brought up by two very different families – one rich, the other poor. When the parents and their children meet 16 years later, it is decided that the boys should return to their biological parents. Everything that can go wrong, goes wrong, resulting in chaos.

Tako is now in pre-production on the show, adapting the original scripts. A private broadcaster, as yet unnamed, has greenlit the show.

Tako co-owner Okil Khamidov will direct the Polish series, which is being produced by Jacek Ściobłowski. The premiere is set for the fall season of 2020.

Khamidov said: “’The Ivanovs vs. the Ivanovs’ has universal appeal, and is understandable for a wide audience everywhere in the world. It is a comedy of errors leading, with each of the 20 episodes, to the conclusion that despite all of our differences we as humans are quite the same and can live together.”

The original Russian show started to air in 2017 on CTC, and completed four seasons, each with 20 episodes. Directed by Anton Fedotov, the series starred Mikhail Trukhin, Sergey Burunov and Semyon Treskunov.