Silex, the up-and-coming Parisian production banner, is producing “Stalk,” a high-concept, contemporary series skewing millennials for France.tv, the streaming service of French broadcasting group France Televisions. The series was co-created, co-writen and will be directed by Simon Bouisson, who previously helmed the critically acclaimed web series “Wei or Die.”

Written by Bouisson and Jean-Charles Paugam, “Stalk” follows the rise and fall of Lux, an 18 year-old hacker who got hazed and humiliated by the coolest students during his first days at a prestigious engineering school and sets off to take his revenge. His plan consists in cyber-stalking them, hacking their phones and computers to discover their secrets and integrate their clan to ultimately manipulate them.

Priscilla Bertin and Judith Nora, who are producing at Silex Films, described “Stalk” as a psychological drama featuring an ultra-smart protagonist similar to Jesse Eisenberg in “The Social Network.”

“‘Stalk’ compelled us because it tackles our fears and paranoia to be spied on by all sorts of connected devices and it does so through a story that many young people today will relate to,” said Nora.

Bertin said Silex and the creative team have been working with real hackers to make the script as realistic as possible.

“Stalk” is headlined by an exciting cast of fresh faces, including Théo Fernandez (“Lux”), Carmen Kassovitz (“Alma”), Pablo Cobo (“Alex”), Yasin Houicha (“Samir”), Rio Vega (“Lolo”), Manon Valentin (“Margot”), Azize Diabaté (“Félix”) and Clément Sibony (“Herzig”).

The series will start shooting in Lille on April 1 and will premiere on Slash, the platform of France.tv which targets teenagers and young adults. The series’s rights are available outside of France.

Silex won Series Mania’s Co-Pro Pitching Sessions with its ’90s set lesbian dramedy project “Purple” which is being co-produced by Mother Productions. Bertin and Nora are also one of the leaders of the feminist movement 50/50 for 2020 which is pushing gender equality in the industry and has driven many festivals, including Cannes, Berlin, Annecy and Series Mania to sign a parity pledge.