Fiction titles “La luna en tu mirada,” “Shine,” “Código Alfa” and “Indie Odyssey” figure among 22 projects selected for development after a first call of proposes by Mediapro Labs, the new talent incubator created by Spanish TV giant The Mediapro Studio.

Launched in December, Mediapro Labs aims to identify audiovisual talent worth associating with and to produce new ideas and digital formats.

Since then, the Madrid-based incubator has received more than five hundred ideas spread over a wide range of categories, taking in fiction, documentary, e-sports and entertainment. In a written statement, it praised the project creators’ “extraordinary creative talent.”

Directed by Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi, popularly known as the The Javis (“Holy Camp,” “Paquita Salas”), Mediapro Labs has primarily focused on the selection of fiction projects.

The Javis’ own outfit Suma Latina will team with The Mediapro Studio to produce the winning project, which will be unveiled shortly, according to Maya Maidagan, Mediapro Labs co-director.

“We have selected the most innovative projects for their creativity, storyline originality and their connection with current issues,” said Maidagan, also head of Digital Contents at The Mediapro Studio.

“The selected fiction contents are series designed for mobile use, fictions for Instagram, vertical formats: basically, programming for digital consumption,” she added.

Created by Tomás Peña, “La luna en tu mirada” (“The Moon in Your Eyes”) is a petty thief fantasy road movie that takes in a tremendous almost outlawed love affair and nighttime cliffs.

Post-modern sitcom “Shine,” created by YouTubers Victoria Martín de la Cova and Nacho Pérez-Pardo (Living Postureo) turns on an IT-girl in a business environment as well as the heartaches of life.

Alberto Flores’ “Código Alfa” (“Alpha Code”) narrates what is described as a tour-de-force atypical history of video games in Spain and their fans, from mid-’70s students through to new avids

“Indie Odyssey,” a hybrid TV format melding sitcom and factual and pitched by Juan Carlos Saloz, homes in on a group of millennial entrepreneurs, the dreams they chase and TV programming challenges.

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Mediapro Labs

Other title in the 22-idea list unveiled by Mediapro Labs take in multi-themed contents and formats such as factual (Álvaro Dobaño’s “Que se muera quien no nos quiera”), mockumentary (Federico Szarfer and Sami Janafse’s “Camping Paradise”), late-night e-sports (Roberto Carretón’s “La guarida”), stand-up comedy (Manuel Chacón’s “El Gamba”), drag-reality (Rubén Errebeene’s “Aventura en tacones”), documentary shorts (Antonio Nogales and David Merino’s “Nicho”) and a Medieval sitcom (Enrique Dueñas’ “El tirano”).

Mediapro Labs is godfathered by several members of The Mediapro Studio’s extensive creative team, including “The Department of Time” and “Atrapa a un ladrón” showrunner Javier Olivares.

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Mediapro Labs