Latin American Scripted Series to Track at Mipcom

La jauría

A drill-down on high profile Latin American titles at Mipcom:

“Amarres” Early fruit of Turner Latin America’s production alliance with Mexico’s Dopamine, a romantic drama about a woman entangled in a world of love magic and custody battles. Bows 1Q 2020. S: Turner Latin America.

“Argentina, Land of Passion and Revenge” Pol-ka long-format big canvas smash primetime hit, playing out of two continents and ten years from 1936, marks one of the biggest bets of any network in 2019. It paid off. S: Pol-ka.

“Aruanas” Globo’s big Mipcom play, a chic Amazon-set eco thriller released on OTT worldwide: Four women at a Greenpeace-ish  NGO take on a mining corporation that’s devastating the rainforest. S: Globo.

“Bronco” A bio-series, bowing Sept. 24,  “not just about the legendary Mexican band’s music and relevance but also rise to the top, despite poverty and racial discrimination,” says Turner Latin America’s Tomas Yankelevich. S: Turner Latin America.

“The Challenge: Super Humans, the Survival,” Original high-stakes survival reality show topping Colombia’s primetime for 16 seasons, sold to 45 countries, with hit U.S., Russia, Mexico retreads. S: Caracol TV.

“Cradle of Wolves” Second show from Televisa classic telenovela remake franchise, Fabrica de Sueños, a 25-episode reimagining of Televisa’s hit 1986 telenovela starring Paz Vega in dynasty power struggle drama. Debuted Oct. 7. S: Televisa.

“The Bronze Garden” Season 2  An HBO-Pol-ka production, Season 1 set a new bar for Latin American series: Hugely inventive, sometimes genuinely horrifying missing daughter drama. This time round, Fabian tries to find a woman’s missing son. S: HBO Latin America

“Culture Code,” 13-episode culture docu-series hosted by anthropologist-author-marketing guru Dr. Clotaire Rapaille. Fall bow in Mexico. S: Azteca TV

Bronco TV Show

“Dignity” Produced by Chile’s Invercine & Wood and Germany’s Story House Production, backed by Chilean network, Mega, a thriller/family drama inspired by Chile’s infamous sect Colonia Dignidad. S: Red Arrow Intl.

“Femicidios”  A signature series from Buena Vista Original Productions: 10 episodic stories of infamous cases of fatal gender violence in Argentina, Mexico, Brazil and Colombia, totaling 40 episodes. Pol-ka, BTF, Vista Productions, Cinefilm produce with BVOP. S: BuenaVista Original Productions.

“Hernán” The big one. Produced by Mexico’s Dopamine, with Spain’s Onza Entertainment, backed by Amazon, A & E Networks, a portrait of conquistador Hernán Cortes marking the “largest independent series ever made in the territory under a multi-platform model of simultaneous premieres and promotion,” says Dopamine CEO Fidela Navarro. S: A & E Networks.

“Joint Venture” Directed by Quico and Fernando Meirelles, produced by o2 Filmes, about a young drug dealer in an alternative São Paulo where marijuana’s been legalized. But it’s hugely difficult to go legal in Brazil. S: HBO Latin America.

“No Te Puedes Esconder” Telemundo Global Studios biggest international play, targeting Hispanic markets and beyond, a Spain-Mexico-set crime thriller, mixing stars (Blanca Soto, Eduardo Noriega), directors from both countries plus U.S-style pace, VFX.

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“Nurses”  Telenovela offering nurses’ perspectives in a public hospital setting, balancing personal, professional lives. In production. S: RCN TV

“Second Call” Third series in Globo’s gritty social-issue line after “Jailers” and “Under Pressure,” a night-school drama co-produced with Fernando Meirelles’ 02 Filmes. S: Globo.

“Stories Not to Leave Home” (Cuentos Urbanos”) Developed by Dopamine Media and Paola Suárez’s on-the-rise Jaque Content, 13 ghoulish stories set in Mexico City.

“The Pack” One of Fremantle’s big pushes at Mipcom, the first international series from the Larrain brothers’ Fabula, a stylish, instructive and resonant gender crime thriller showrun by Lucia Puenzo and starring Daniela Vega.  S: Fremantle.

“The Usurper” Fábrica de Sueños’s maiden outing, pivoting on the mortal enemy between twin sisters. Ratings hit on Televisa and Univision. S: Televisa.

“To Catch a Thief” Inspired by Hitchcock’s classic but now Spanish-language, written by “The Department of Time’s” Javier Olivares, set between Buenos Aires and Barcelona, and shot with plush vintage tones. S: VIS Americas.

“Victoria Small” Telefe’s new ratings leader, from VIS and The Mediapro Studio, co-created by Daniel Burman, about four women, among them a surrogate mother and transgender sperm donor, who become mothers of newly born Victoria. S:VIS – Americas.

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