Federation Entertainment has picked up worldwide rights to “Amsterdam Vice,” a crime thriller series which will work as a prequel to A.C. Baantjer’s popular Dutch book franchise.

“Amsterdam Vice” is set in the roaring ’80s, in the center of Amsterdam, where modern life clashes with the old village mentality. The series follows Jud Cox, a detective who has been promoted to the toughest department within the police force and paired with another cop. Together they investigate a murder case that leads them to discover that an attack is being plotted on the coronation day of Princess Beatrix.

Federation Entertainment, which will start pre-selling the series at MipTV, said “Amsterdam Vice” will be a “character-driven drama, starring two unlikely detectives, one from the city and one from the country, much like Amsterdam itself: gritty, yet warmhearted and witty.”

The series is being produced by Rachel van Bommel, Millstreet Films (“The Neighbors”), and co-produced by Hilde De Laere, FBO (“The Fifth Estate”). It’s directed by Arne Toonen (“Black Out”) and Lourens Blok (“Lois”).

“Amsterdam Vice” will premiere in Benelux on RTL 4/ Videoland and VTM in 2020. A feature film based on the first two episodes of the series will be released in theaters in the Netherlands on April 18 under the title “Baanjter het begin.”

While at MipTV, Federation will also be selling the series “Torn,” which competed at Series Mania; “The Twelve,” which will compete at Canneseries; and “Floodland,” a Dutch detective thriller dealing with human trafficking.