Mediapro Chile, the Chilean arm of Spanish production powerhouse The Mediapro Studio, is launching its first TV drama project, crime thriller “El acantilado” (“The Cliff”), chosen as one of the 10 finalists at Conecta Fiction’s 3rd Pitch Copro Series.

“The Cliff” features a high-profile creative team that takes in film director Martín Hodara (“Black Snow,” “La señal”) and writer Enrique Videla, a co-scribe on Pablo Larrain’s HBO Latin America “Fugitives” and Lucía Puenzo’s “La Jauría,” a first Fabula-Fremantle-co-production.

Argentina’s Tomas Coste, a triple Cannes Lions winning commercials, is the series creator and co-director.

Benjamín Vicuña (“Fugitives,” “Locked Up”) and Mariana di Girolamo (“Ema”) are attached to the star.

Mixing classic series noir and strong protagonists with large and involved character arcs, “The Cliff” follows Miguel, a 50 year-old bus driver, played by Vicuña, who triggered a tragic accident and holds himself responsible even if he’s been absolved in a court of law.

Miguel has now moved down to the coast and dedicates his existence to saving lives, talking people out of suicide at the huge local cliff. Everything changes with the arrival of Abril (Di Girolamo), a mysterious young woman, who has escaped from an abduction. She makes Miguel begin to question whether all the suicides at the cliff are exactly what they seem.

The six episode, 50 minutes series project, in development, sets in the Chilean Patagonian.

“The Cliff” is based on a true story,” said Jimena Hernández, contents director at Mediapro Chile, a potentially key production-distribution force in the region.

“Through the series, we are also going to give visibility to a topic that affects many people around the world whatever people do to deny it. In Chile, the figures are particularly amazing,” she adds.

Pitch Copro Series is the industrial centerpiece of Conecta Fiction, a Europe-America TV series co-production and networking event whose third edition runs in Navarre’s Pamplona, from June 17 to June 20.

John Hopewell contributed to this article.