Spain’s Seville-based shingle La Claqueta and Portugal’s SPi have clinched a co-development agreement for three fiction projects a year. Companies first made contact at last year’s Conecta Fiction, the annual co-production meet in Spain.

The companies have also pacted to co-produce the animated feature-length docu “El viaje más largo” in collaboration with Portuguese pubcaster RTP and Spain’s TVE and ETB networks.

The agreements dovetail with both companies’ ambitions to further expand their international reach and in La Claqueta’s case, its bid to venture into fiction TV series.

“After many years producing documentary series, we believe the time has come to make the leap into creating serialized fiction,” said La Claqueta CEO Olmo Figueredo in a statement, adding: “But we wanted to do it hand in hand with an international partner of SPi’s stature, a company with years of experience in that market.”

“2019 has been the inaugural year for SPi in terms of international co-production, and this partnership with La Claqueta represents an extraordinary step in the consolidation of our work in Spain, which also reinforces the internationalization strategy of our company,” said José Amaral, managing director of SPi.

“I am convinced that the documentary “El viaje más largo” will be a unique piece of work for the subject it addresses and for the team of professionals working there,” he continued.

La Claqueta is set to debut the feature films “La Trinchera Infinita” by Aitor Arregi, Jon Garaño and Jose Mari Goenaga, “Adiós” by Paco Cabezas, “Parking” by Tudor Giurgiu and “El Inconveniente” by Bernabé Rico, as well as the docu series “The Miramar Murders” and fiction series “En el Corredor de la Muerte,” where it serves as an associate producer.

SPi, an offshoot of Grupo SP, is co-producing the six-episode fiction series “Auga Seca” with Portocabo. Directed by Toño López, it is set to air on RTP (Portugal) and TVG (Spain) later this year.