Underground Producciones’ “Qué pasó con Bonorino?,” Kapow’s “Mundiales” and The Mediapro Studio’s “@Mamita” figure among 11 TV series projects pitched today at the fourth edition of Mipcom’s Snack’n Screen Argentina showcase.

Comedy and thrillers stand out as the dominant genres of this year’s selection, which also takes in animation production (Manuel Alejandro Vivas’ “Sombras en los juegos”), web series (Andrés Fechtenholz’s “Save the Date”) and interactive microseries “Alt Esc,” by Adrián Garelik.

Three of the stories take place within the framework of sports events, used to construct thrillers or social dramas; a further two look into the consequences of digital addiction for people.

Taking place Oct. 15, co-organized by the Argentine INCAA film and TV institute and the Argentine Investment & Trade Promotion Agency, the event aims to attract the attention of international buyers to some of country’s most promising TV and streaming series projects.

“Qué pasó con Bonorino?” (“Whatever Happened To Bonorino?”) is a black comedy created by Sebastián Ortega (“El marginal,” “Un gallo para Esculapio”) at Underground, the Argentine company which has recently been acquired by NBCUniversal Telemundo.

“Bonorino” tells the adventures and misadventures of four friends for whom an event  -the discovery of the corpse of a high-school mate – change their lives in an extraordinary way.

Teaming international TV giant The Mediapro Studio’s Argentine arm Promofilm with production house Nah! Contenidos, gender comedy “@Mamita” aims to break conventional paradigms regarding women’s role.

The series follows Lucrecia, a 35 year-old woman who overcomes her family and friends pressure regarding maternity, becoming a successful influencer which feigns a fake pregnancy and motherhood.

Buenos Aires-based Kapow, who produced TV series “Stockholm,” a pioneering Neflix pickup in Argentina, and operates a partnership deal with Fremantle, will be pitching TV drama “Mundiales” (“World Cups,”) created by Marcelo Camaño.

The series’ first season is set on the eve of 1978 Argentina Fifa World Cup tournament, focusing on how it’s seen through the eyes of a child, showing his passion for soccer, and from the point of view of his father, bearing witness to the political whitewash and other dark interests behind the event’s organization.

Produced by Rodrigo Cantisano, co-founder of Utópica Media, “Síndrome” (“Syndrome”) is a project co-developed with CineCorp in Perú, which Fox Telecolombia has reportedly just boarded.

In development, with 20% financed, the project was already pitched in Digiseries sidebar at Conecta Fiction 2019 in Pamplona, Spain.

Described as a series where the virtual invades real life, it is filmed under the guise of mokumentary, following the story of a man who, after having fun, taking selfies with his girlfriend, wakes up the next daywith one of the selfie masks that he tried on fixed to his face in real life.

“Alt Esc,” an interactive thriller pitched by Garelik, marks the first original series of Flixxo, the online peer-to-peer video distribution platform financed with cryptocurrencies.

Starring youtuber Dai Hernández, the short format series turns on a young man admitted into a rehab clinic for virtuality additions, where he meets weird people from different digital tribes (selfies, gamers, hackers) who will help him to investigate the dark secrets the center hides.

Animated documentary “Sombras en los juegos” (“Darkness in the Games”) transcends the sports chronicles, bringing back to life characters that were affected by social, political, racial and gender issues during the Olympic Games.

Seven of the projects selected have won development and/or production prizes supported by the INCAA.

Snack’n Screen Argentina takes place Tuesday, from 12.30 to 14.00 in the Salon Croisette at Cannes’ Palais des Festivals.