Italy’s 39 Films and Argentina-México-U.S.-based Jaque Content are joining forces with Buenos Aires’ Brava Cine to co-produce Mercedes Cordova’s ethno-gastronomy doc series “Masa madre” (“Mother Dough”).

Developed at Brava Cine, “Mother Dough” has been selected for pitching sessions and business meetings at Ventana Sur Market’s Fiction Factory sidebar, after winning last year a development contest launched by Argentina’s Incaa film-TV agency.

In mid-November, the project snagged the CTT EXP & Rentals Award for series in development from Los Cabos Festival’s Gabriel Figueroa Film Fund.

A four-episode series, “Mother Dough” explores the role of women through their work at home and their dough, showing the use of wheat and bread in Europe but also corn -tortillas- and arepas in North and Central America, and potatoes in the Andes.

The series reveals a strong commitment to both feminism and gastronomy, a powerful combination these days.

“This is the time to do this project, not only because all the movements of contemporary feminism enable us to put the issue on the table, but also because thinking about food, how to feed and produce food is a topic that’s in vogue,” said producer Valeria Forster, Brava Cine co-founder.

“At Brava Cine, we think that both battles belong to our generation, and our contribution is to make the series. We are sure there are large expectant audiences for this kind of content,” she added.

The project is executive produced by Forster alongside Jaque’s Paola Suárez and 39 Films’ Alfredo Federico.

“The three production companies believe that the best co-production links are forged when the involved parties start working together during the development stage. That is why our main goal is to star forging alliances with future partners right from this stage,” Forster said.

With partners on board from Italy, Mexico and the U.S., the aim is now to find allies to film in Russia, Israel and Turkey, according to Forster. Also, she’s looking for a second European partner since the production plan takes in shoots in Spain, France and England.

“Mother Dough” marks the second feature by writer-director and Brava Cine co-founder Mercedes Cordova.

Cordova’s debut, documentary “Food on The Go: The Italian Food Diaspora,” a co-production with 39 Films and Brazil’s 3 Mohínos, played at San Sebastian’s Culinary Zinema in 2017 and was picked up by Netflix.

“Unscripted projects have a target audience and the international market knows it. Their strength is in their smaller budgets and their more specific public,” Forster said.

Co-producer Jaque Content’s credits take in the original version of Argentine mob drama “La chica que limpia,” which is being adapted by Turner Latin America in Mexico for Space. Also, Fox has just given a script commitment for its U.S. remake as “The Cleaning Lady,” from Miranda Kwok (“The 100”), Melissa Carter (“Stargirl”), Shay Mitchell at Amore & Vita Productions and Warner Bros. Television.

Italian Alfredo Federico co-founded 39 Films in 2011 to produce documentaries and films with social and political content. Previously he was involved in high-profile arthouse movies such as “Tropa de Élite” and “The Burning Plan” while at The Latin American Film Company, a joint venture with The Weinstein Company.