When Emmy-nominated actress Marin Hinkle’s matriarch character Rose Weissman absconds to Paris to find herself and study art in Amazon Prime Video’s “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’s” Season 2, her blush-toned wardrobe takes a vibrant turn. “Donna [Zakowska] designed clothes that really served as an ode to her school girl attire,” she says. “That was this part of Rose that reclaimed her youth.” Until age 16, Hinkle studied dance, so for the Emmys, she’s been exploring chiffon fabric and tutu-like bodices. “There’s a part of the romance of the ballet world that I never realized influenced my aesthetic. I’m now trying to find something from my own youth, the way Rose found something from hers, too.”

“I’m not much of a shopper,” says Hinkle, who fears being outed as “a fraud” for playing prim, fashionable Rose. Her daily wardrobe is “very minimal” and reminiscent of “a ’70s hippie.” But as she wanted something with “a holiday feel” for the New York premiere of the show, she ventured to Barneys. This black lace Erdem dress fit her perfectly: “Then I looked at the price tag. My wedding dress was only $500, so buying a dress that was more than $500 more than my wedding dress was very scary.” She enjoyed the unexpected synergy in style her cast had at the screening and party. “I had never called anyone to see what they were wearing, but it kind of looks like we’re family,” she says.

Hinkle discovered Oliver Tolentino’s shop while walking in Beverly Hills, and fell in love. “I felt courageous to say, ‘I’m working on this show, and if it ever happens to get nominated for anything, I’ll be back in.’” He called her the day of the Emmy nominations and offered to make her a dress. Her teenage son, who went as her date, is “very into the Greeks and the Romans,” so she pictured something flowy and chiffon, in this purple hue. The Amazon hit won eight Emmys overall that night. “The characters have a gutsiness and sense of passion — a quality in which they go after their dreams. And I feel like there is something about where we are culturally, where there’s this desire to stop apologizing.”

While in Milan for the Season 2 premiere, Hinkle went into Lanvin, which she appreciated “because Rose had had this love affair with Paris.” She tried on this black-green ombre dress, and after befriending the staff, bought it at a great rate. Wearing it to the Globes resulted in her making some best-dressed lists, but also elicited some “Shrek” and “the Grinch at a prom” references. “For many years, when I was younger, I did a lot of pleasing other people. But there’s a part of me now that realizes it’s me that has to feel comfortable in my own skin,” says the former dancer, who’s working with stylist Emily Sanchez on a ballet-inspired Emmy look. “I want to feel alive and joyous.”