Leading Japanese pay broadcaster Wowow unveiled senior management changes on Thursday. Five new members have been appointed to the broadcaster’s board, including three from outside companies.

Hideki Tashiro from the TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System) network has been tasked with supervising Wowow’s programming and production. Masahiko Mizuguchi from Fuji TV network subsidiary Pony Canyon will oversee the business & entertainment development division. And Kenji Noshi from Nippon Television Network network affiliate Shizuoka Daiichi Television will be in charge of the engineering and information and the communication technology divisions.

The two new internal board appointees are Junichi Onoue (investor relations, finance and accounting and strategy integration) and Hitoshi Yamamoto (human resources and general affairs). Among the reelected board members is Wowow president Akira Tanaka, now in his fourth year at the top.

Operating three full-HD channels and a streaming service, Wowow claims a total of 2.9 million subscribers. Wowow Prime offers a range of genres, including movies and dramas. It is also the official broadcaster of the Academy, Grammy and Tony awards in Japan. Wowow Live offers sports, as well as stage and concert broadcasts. Wowow Cinema airs a lineup of nearly 1,900 film titles annually.

Wowow Members On Demand streams all Wowow programming, as well as content not on its three linear channels.