International TV production group Fremantle and Indonesia’s Wahana Kreator Nusantara have agreed a partnership for scripted projects. The first is an Asian horror anthology “The Sacred Riana: Bedtime Stories,” starring Indonesian magician and illusionist The Sacred Riana.

“Bedtime Stories” is an English-language series set around the continent and inspired by folklore and urban legends. Each self-contained, stand-alone episode has a unique cast and storyline, and is aimed at a worldwide audience. The show will also feature magic and illusions by The Sacred Riana, who debuted internationally on “Asia’s Got Talent,” before transitioning to “America’s Got Talent.”

The two companies are also developing the episodic drama, “Ex Addicts,” based on the Klub Kecanduan Mantan podcast, which was recently released on the Joox music streaming platform. The series will be a romantic comedy series centered around the lives of a group of quirky people with an inability to get over their former partners. In desperation, they establish a support group to help them in their efforts to move on.

The initiative is headed by Chris Oliver-Taylor, Fremantle’s Asia Pacific CEO, who prior to joining Fremantle led the commissioning of international drama programs such as “Glitch’ (ABC/Netflix), “Deadline Gallipoli’ (Foxtel), “Nowhere Boys” (ABC/BBC/Amazon) and “Secret City” (Foxtel/Netflix) with NBCUniversal.

“The fact that we are developing an international drama for the world stage, led by an Indonesian superstar such as The Sacred Riana, just shows how our industry is changing and (that) great content can come from all corners of the world.”

Wahana Kreator is a research and story development-based company that produces high quality creators and content. Its business units consist of: Wahana Edukasi, a workshop focusing on Indonesian content creator regeneration; Wahana Penulis, which researches story demand and target audiences; and Wahana Dimensi, that nurtures the ideas and the process with skilled and professional production teams.