The adventures of Stamford Raffles, a British statesman and founder of modern Singapore, is to be told through the perspective of his wives in “Mrs Raffles.” The independently produced series has attached British writer Alison Hume (BBC’s “Rocket Man,” Tiger Aspect’s “Summerhill”) as lead writer and showrunner.

The project is an adaptation of “Olivia & Sophia,” a novel written by Singapore-based writer Rosie Milne. “The untold story of their extraordinary adventures in the early 1800s will immerse viewers in the exotic and diverse countries of Southeast Asia through a thrilling mix of character-driven fiction and factual historical events,” said production company 108 Media.

The project will be developed through 108 Media’s London office by Richard Mewis (“Good,” “The Day of the Triffids”). Financing will be assembled through an equity media fund that 108 Media is launching in the region early next year. 108 Media’s CEO Abhi Rastogi and its president of production/development, Justin Deimen will serve as executive producers.

“’Mrs Raffles’ is a fabulous adventure of two extraordinary British women – and the man they both married – a humble clerk who became the founder of modern-day Singapore and a leading (Slavery) abolitionist. Southeast Asia in the first half of the nineteenth century is a time and place untouched by television drama – providing a gorgeous backdrop to explore fresh, challenging and thought provoking, unusual and diverse stories,” said Hume.

“Transporting the characters’ from their London comfort zone into exotic vistas and involving them in the making of new lives in the pre-colonial trading ports of Southeast Asia, ‘Mrs Raffles’ is an inclusive show where the locals have the power and the immigrants are the British officers and their families.”

Deimen is also group managing partner of Aurora Holdings, another Singapore development and production company. It has credits that include “The Long Walk,” and “Storm Boy.”