After Democratic speaker Nancy Pelosi launched a formal impeachment inquiry into President Trump, celebrities took to Twitter.

Pelosi’s impeachment inquiry is in response to a phone call President Trump made with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskiy where President Trump reportedly used his political position to pressure Ukraine into investigating Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden.

Ava DuVernay posted a picture of herself and the real-life victims that inspired her Netflix drama “When They See Us” at Sunday’s Emmy awards. In 1989 these five men (then teenagers) were wrongly accused and imprisoned for a crime they did not commit. The group was targeted by President Trump himself when the then entrepreneur took out a full-page ad in the Daily News against the boys with the headline: “Bring Back the Death Penalty, Bring Back Our Police.” DuVernay’s tweet simply states, “We are dressed and ready for the Impeachment Party. What are you wearing?”

Meanwhile singer/actress and star Lizzo used the peach emoji to express her excitement.

Comedy icon Jackée Harry is optimistic about the future of Pelosi’s impeachment inquiry, writing “We’re going to Impeach Trump.”

Actor and activist Mark Ruffalo posted Pelosi’s entire speech.

Recent Emmy-winner and former college roommate of Ted Cruz, Craig Mazin, is excited not only about the possible impeachment but also for the recent release of the trailer for Playstation video game “The Last of Us 2.”



Rosie O’Donnell showed her support for Pelosi by filming herself nodding while the announcement took place.

And many other Hollywood names including Kathy Griffin, author Anne Rice and Padma Lakshmi showed their online support for Pelosi: