As Demi Moore gears up for the Sept. 24 release of her autobiography “Inside Out,” the actress says she feels like a weight has been lifted.

“Even the stuff that I may have been nervous about is completely lifting…because it’s a process,” Moore told Variety at the premiere of her upcoming film “Corporate Animals” at Neuehouse on Wednesday night. In the memoir, written for HarperCollins, Moore reportedly addresses everything from her “tumultuous relationship” with her mother to her three marriages — to Freddy Moore, Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher.

“There is a part of this that is like giving birth and I’m like ‘It’s done. So, whatever it’ll be.’ I’m just excited and open for the journey,” she said.

But in her latest film, “Coporate Animals,” Moore goes on a different kind of journey, playing arrogant Incredible Edibles CEO Lucy. When her team heads off on a corporate team building retreat, things take a turn when the group rapels down into a cave to explore it and gets sealed in. Because the rest of the cast was assembled when Moore stepped into the lead role — replacing another actress — she suggested the group tackle some team building activities of their own off-set. First up, meeting Hindu spiritual leader Amma, who has hugged millions of people worldwide.

“I think that was the most surprising experience stepping in,” Moore said. “I didn’t know everybody. Another actress was originally going to do this and got ill and then I stepped in. So, I was really behind the curve. And the fact that everyone jumped in and was game with the first event, which was actually going in and meeting Amma, the hugging saint, was awesome.”

“Everybody came. I thought for sure somebody would go, ah no, but everybody came,” she continued, with a laugh. “It was awesome, and we really chose to spend all of our time off together. We’re still on a text thread that we all connect on.”

Dan Bakkedahl (who plays Moore’s employee Billy) echoed those sentiments, saying the best part of filming was getting to know Moore and participating in those activities. “She was incredible. Really. She couldn’t have been more personable and friendly,” he told Variety. “We all had lunch together and dinner together. We went to a meditation retreat, like all sorts of just crazy team building stuff. She’s a real team player. So there was team building out like in real life. She was like, ‘Hey, we’re all in here together. Let’s get to know each other and appreciate one another.’”

And the camaraderie continued after shooting wrapped. “When we got back…we all went to her house for lunch one day. There was no occasion. It was just ‘Come to my house and let’s have lunch.’ It was great.”

“Corporate Animals” is in theaters on Friday.