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At Wednesday night’s world premiere of the “Child’s Play” remake, it was obvious that evil doll Chucky — the star of seven films over three decades — had a little work done. And now he bears a striking resemblance to Donald Trump.

“Oh, you caught that?” Aubrey Plaza asked Variety on the black carpet outside ArcLight Hollywood.

“I’m waiting for all of the think pieces to come out about this issue,” she continued. “I mean, what can I say? The thought crossed my mind a couple of times. Maybe I improvised some lines about it. Maybe they made it in the cut. Maybe they didn’t. We’ll see.” (Promoting the film didn’t prevent the openly bisexual actress from getting her pride on this month: “I didn’t get out to any of the parades but I celebrated in my own way,” she said. “I mean, to me every month is Pride Month.”)

Mark Hamill, who was attracted to the sci-fi, artificial intelligence-based twist on the original movie, couldn’t deny the resemblance to President 45. “That’s pretty accurate,” he told Variety. “Now he’s even creepier than he was before.” (“Some people say that,” director Lars Klevberg also admitted of the scary similarities.)

And the comparison certainly wasn’t lost on co-star Brian Tyree Henry: “[Chucky’s] incredibly creepy,” he told Variety. “And who’s creepier [than Trump]? You know what I’m saying?”

Without revealing any spoilers, Henry added that this movie flips the script on decades of racist horror flicks where the black guy dies first. “Know that I wouldn’t have taken it, if that were the case,” he told Variety. “[But] it is true: That is the trope, and that was the way horror movies were back then — they were commentaries on what we went through socially at the time.”

Now that’s a scary thought.

“Child’s Play” is in theaters on June 21.

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