The House historically voted to impeach President Donald Trump Wednesday night, and Hollywood was quick to express their vindication, though not many were overt in their celebration.

“Impeached,” was enough for Bette Midler, who has been vocal enough in her criticism of Trump that he’s lashed out at her personally.

Alyssa Milano reacted with some gravitas, writing that she “expected this moment but I expected it to be more joyful. Maybe jump up & do a happy dance. Maybe. But I’m just sad and heartbroken. What he’s left behind can’t be erased with this vote. The bigotry and xenophobia he’s emboldened. The lies. It will take generations to recover.”

Rob Reiner pointed out that Trump’s impeachment perhaps missed the point, writing that it was solely because Trump “committed the High Crimes of Abuse of Power & Obstruction of Congress,” despite his other problems.

“Thoughts and prayers,” wrote “Avengers: Endgame” actor Don Cheadle.

Comedian Hari Kondabolu wrote that “impeachment itself doesn’t actually change anything fundamental about the country, but it’s a symbolic victory…WHICH DEMOCRATS LOVE.”

Victoria Monet celebrated, writing “DONALD TRUMP HAS BEEN IMPEACHED!!!!! fina f—in lee! Getting closer to making this orangesickle disappear man”

“Everybody’s saying ‘Trump just got impeached,'” “Westworld” star Jeffrey Wright wrote in response to a GOP tweet quoting Trump’s statement, “Everybody is saying Merry Christmas again!”

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