WASHINGTON — John Kasich, who left office on Monday as governor of Ohio, has signed with United Talent Agency for representation.

Kasich is viewed as a potential challenger to President Donald Trump next year for the Republican nomination. He’s one of a handful of the president’s conservative critics who may mount an intra-party rivalry.

UTA said that it will represent Kasich in all areas, including speaking engagements, news and broadcast appearances, and media rights. That would include any kind of special contributor post on a news network like CNN or MSNBC, which has been a preferred route for ex-government figures to maintain public profiles.

The agency said it will “help Kasich navigate the next phase of his career in civic engagement, by continuing to inspire audiences to lead purpose-driven lives of service.” UTA co-president Jay Sures called him “one of the nation’s most unifying and inspiring political voices.”

“I’m excited to work with UTA to keep my voice active across the world, and share my experiences and observations to help improve the lives of others,” Kasich said in a statement.

UTA represents news personalities and media commentators such as Jake Tapper, Preet Bharara, Glenn Beck, Don Lemon, Jim Acosta, Anderson Cooper, and Meghan McCain. Its speakers bureau represents Malcolm Turnbull, Wesley Clark, Michael Lewis, and Jeff Toobin, among others.

Kasich ran for president in 2016, and previously served nine terms in the House. He also hosted the Fox News show “Heartland With John Kasich,” which ran from 2001 to 2007.