Considering the Wu-Tang Clan’s sprawling membership — nine core members with a couple dozen auxiliary members — it’s not surprising that, a year after the group belatedly celebrated its 25 th anniversary, several of its offspring have formed a group called 2 nd Generation Wu.

The group’s members consist of U-God’s son iNTeLL, Method Man’s son PXWER, Ghostface Killah’s son SUN GOD, and Young Dirty Bastard, son of the late “Old Dirty Bastard.

“Growing up, I’ve always had the mindset of ‘I am who I am, my father is who he is,” iNTeLL told SILive.com, a publication based in their and Wu-Tang’s home base of Staten Island, N.Y. “We’re all next in line to receive ‘Wu-Tang is forever’ but at the same time, we all have our own unique sound and we’re ready to share that together.”

The group dropped its debut single this month titled “7 O.D.” through Dock Street Records, which is also based in Staten Island, and there are plenty of audible signs of their background: a general ‘90s hip-hop vibe and several lyrical quotes from Wu-Tang songs and sayings.

The group’s members have all been pursuing music for several years but didn’t become aware of each other until relatively recently. 2nd Generation Wu made their debut in Staten Island back in July.

“Once I was aware that we all do music, I was like ‘holy sh–, ‘” iNTeLL said. “We aren’t really in communication like that but we all have music in our DNA. Now imagine if we all get together. How powerful that would be.”

And despite their lineage, the group insists on forging their own path.

“We’re infusing the sounds of our fathers to create a new Wu-Tang dynasty,” iNTeLL said. “Even in the first single, we made sure to add pieces of our fathers music underneath our raps so we can give the fans clues as to who our fathers were.”

So far, the group has the support of at least one of their dads. “He’s supportive and he’s just letting me do what I do,” PXWER said. ““I take serious pride in being a child of Wu-Tang but we’re also trying to cement ourselves in our careers.”

The group plans to release an album in the “near future,” they told the paper.

“2nd Generation Wu” members say they will release a music video to their debut single by the end of 2019 and plan to drop an album in the “near future.” “7 O.D,” produced by Jo-Jo Pellegrino and J.Glaze, racked up 29,000 views in three days.

“We comin’ in strong,” iNTeLL said. “This isn’t a ‘dip our toe in’ kind of thing. This plan is in full force, we here.”