What’s with the giant cardboard cut-outs of Drake’s face hoisted in the air at Raptors games and outside Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena, where thousands of fans gather in the so-called “Jurassic Park”?  Well, it just might have something to do with the rapper’s swelled head when his beloved team wins a game — like they did yesterday against the Golden State Warriors, in their first-ever game in the NBA Finals (109-118).  The actual name for it is a ‘totem.’

The trend began at EDM festivals as a way for friends to find each other in the vast crowd. Hoisted above their heads and affixed to poles, one could easily say, “Look for us under the blow-up crocodile” or “We’ll be holding the Urkel head.”

The practical reason soon grew to ridiculousness, with more and more elaborate totems being brought through turnstiles into music festivals of all genres, some even made on-site (even though a bottle of water or can of SPF would be confiscated). Not only do totems obstruct views but they are on poles that could be weapons, by security’s other standards.

The Raptors’ “global ambassador” since 2013, Drake has been getting in trouble lately for his “sideline antics,” as one paper described his yelling, rejoicing, puzzled and pissed off looks. Could the sight of a giant Drake face intimidate Warriors fans — and players? Or does a goofy expression pour cold water on heat of competition? Raptors fans seem to be saying “Bring it!”

Game two of the NBA Finals is scheduled for Sunday, June 2 in Toronto.