After Donald Trump tried to meddle in A$AP Rocky’s ongoing court case in Sweden, tweeting a plea to release the rapper at the urging of Kanye West, two Swedish creatives made a fake IKEA manual to explain the Swedish judicial system to the U.S. president.

Created by Oscar Gierup and Hampus Elfström, the document makes light of the president’s remarks toward the Scandinavian country, referencing Trump’s tweets as well as suggesting he shouldn’t meddle in the situation. “Unlike other places *cough cough* presidents can’t interfere with an ongoing investigation. While waiting you could grab a traditional swedish ‘fika’ or maybe a covfefe? Enjoy!”

President Trump at one point offered to vouch for the rapper’s bail, a legal option unavailable in Sweden. Upon A$AP’s release, Trump put out a series of tweets updating the American people on the status of the case.

The A$AP Mob member returned to the U.S. shortly after being released last Friday following the four-day trial where he and two other associates were charged with assault causing actual bodily harm. A verdict on the case will be announced Aug. 14. In the meantime, the rapper (whose real name is Rakim Myers) is set to perform alongside Cardi B, Future, and Migos at the Real Street Festival in Anaheim, California on Aug. 12.