UPDATEDTommy Lee has long since established that he’s no fan of President Trump. Via his Twitter feed and elsewhere, the Motley Crue drummer has lambasted the leader of the free world over gun control, over the California wildfires and other environmental issues, called him “scary delusional” and plenty more.

But yesterday, apparently inspired by the many respondents who’ve told him in recent weeks to stick to drumming, he outdid even himself by posting a long Twitter rant that brought life to many a left-winger’s revenge fantasies. A rep for the group confirmed to Variety that Lee did not write the post himself — as many initially assumed — but rather reposted a 2018 post from Reddit by one “u/TetraNomic,” with no attribution.

“You Trumpsters better pray that liberals never gain control of the WH again because we are going to pay you back so f—ing hard for all of this sh–,” it reads. “Planned Parenthoods on every damn corner. We’re going to repaint Air Force One pussy hat pink and fly if over your beloved Bible Belt 6 days a week, tossing birth control pills, condoms & atheist literature from the cockpit. We’re going to tax your mega churches so bad Joel Osteen will need to get a job at Chik Fil A to pay his light bill. Speaking of Chik Fil A, we’re buying cult leaders tortured with conversion therapy. Have fun with the new menu you bigoted f—s.”

There’s plenty more. Read on below …