Camila Cabello’s heart, or commercial instincts, may still be south of the border, judging from the title of her new duet with Shawn Mendes, “Señorita,” which hits digital services at midnight Thursday night.

Prior to making the announcement Wednesday, both performers had busied themselves on social media teasing fans about their first collaboration since “I Know What You Did Last Summer” reached the top 20 in 2015. Neither was anyone’s idea of a superstar, yet, four years ago, so this much more anticipated followup probably falls into the preordained smash category until proven otherwise.

Both Mendes and Cabello tweeted out excerpts from a video that will accompany the single — Cabello’s lasting 22 seconds, Mendes’ 19, although that count overestimates just how much of a glimpse of the video is actually available, since there’s about 10 seconds of black screen in each. Cabello’s excerpt is a little clearer and Mendes’s looks like roughed-up 8mm Zapruder film outtakes. But what’s clear from either tease is that she is playing a waitress in a diner and he appears to be a very moody customer, whose walkout probably amounts to either a dramatic moment in their relationship or just a classic case of skipping out on the check.

Presales for the digital single (plus an orange vinyl physical version that won’t ship for another 12 weeks) are up on Mendes’ web store. The fact that links found at the new shawncamila.com website lead to his store, and that Island is releasing the single, suggest that this is officially a Mendes-driven collaboration — as does his name coming un-alphabetically first in the billing.

On the other hand, a sophomore solo album from Cabello would appear to be nigh. When fans tweeted that they were hungry for a new record, Cabello replied, “Dinner coming sooner than you think.” Asked how it compares to her debut, she said, “Different stages of my life, but yeah — I feel like this one feels like I’ve captured my essence more.” When another fan asked her to name a favorite song off the forthcoming project, Cabello answered, “I have like…… 13.”