Saro is a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter whose music can loosely be described as alt-R&B. The new video for his song “Nothing Remains,” from his third EP “Die Alone,” was directed by Alex Cook and finds him as a sort of narrator while a young girl wanders around an empty house and an empty landscape with headphones on, apparently remembering people who were there before. Not surprisingly, the song is about loss.

“I wrote ‘Nothing Remains’ about the anger stage of mourning a loss,” Saro says of the song. “When I lost something so close to me with no explanation, it felt like all I could do was attempt to scream away the pain. I wanted the music video to embody the healing properties of music and how I use it as an escape from reality. Music can truly make it feel like the whole world freezes for a moment.”

While in the past his music has drawn comparisons to Morrissey — quite possible because the name of his sophomore EP, “Boy Afraid,” shares a title with a Smiths B-side — Saro is much more in line with Frank Ocean, Perfume Genius and James Blake, the latter of whom he often recalls with his falsetto moments. He has toured with Miguel and apparently got over his early-career stage friend with the help of Laverne Cox.

Watch the video below.