Rita Wilson to Host SiriusXM Talk Show, With Scooter Braun as First Guest (EXCLUSIVE)

Rita Wilson
Kirsten Lara Getchell

Actress and Singer Rita Wilson will host a new monthly, one-hour SiriusXM talk show called “The Spark” that launches next Wednesday (Oct. 9) at 7 p.m. Eastern Time on the “Volume” (channel 106).

Justin Bieber/ Ariana Grande manager Scooter Braun will be the  guest on the show’s premiere, while Grammy Award-winning singer Linda Ronstadt will be a featured guest in November.

The show will feature Wilson having sit-down discussions with artists, producers and managers about their passion for music and the paths they took to pursue that passion. Wilson will also delve into the creative process behind writing, recording and producing music.

Wilson started in the entertainment industry as an actress on “The Brady Bunch” in 1972, playing a cheerleader named Pat Conway, before transitioning into the career of singing and songwriting. Currently, she is on tour for her fourth album “Halfway to Home.” The album is a personal reflection of Wilson’s life, including her past love relationships and growing up as a Hollywood Native. “Throw Me a Party” even tells the story of her 2015 breast cancer diagnosis.

“Music has always been a way for me to get insight into the human condition, be transported by the power of storytelling, to connect emotionally, whether that’s for a good cry, or to get on the dance floor,” said Rita Wilson.  “Music transports people. How many times have you bonded with someone over loving a song and what it means to you? That’s ‘The Spark’ — sparking conversation, curiosity, and creativity. I’m excited to bring this to SiriusXM Volume.”