After being inundated with requests from fans, composer Nicholas Britell decided to remix the the original main title theme for “Succession.” Hip-hop star Pusha T has added rap vocals to the show’s instrumental theme, creating a new track titled “Puppets (Succession Remix),” released two days before the “Succession” season 2 finale air date Oct. 13.

Britell earned a 2019 Emmy for his original main title theme. It sets the tone for the HBO drama that explores power and money while telling a story about a family overseeing one of the world’s biggest media and entertainment conglomerates.

“It was an honor to be asked to put a verse on the iconic theme to ‘Succession.’ It’s awesome that one of the hardest beats of the past couple years came from a TV score,” Pusha T said in a statement. “I was excited at the opportunity to put my spin on it. I have so much respect for Nick and his team’s attention to detail and the pride they take in their work.”

Pusha T wrote and recorded the lyrics for “Puppets’ (Succesion Remix),” and Britell then remixed the track containing Pusha T’s lyrics. “The greatest rappers are true virtuosos,” said Britell. “If I was going to collaborate with anyone on this track, Pusha T was the dream choice.”