The Prince Estate and Warner Records have outdone themselves with their re-release of Prince’s iconic “1999” album, with a massive boxed set containing tons of unreleased material and even a four-part podcast series titled “Prince: The Story of 1999,” produced with 89.3 The Current.

The fourth and final installment drops tonight, but you can get a preview here with this clip from it.

In the segment, which focuses on the “1999” tour, Chic cofounder and veteran producer Nile Rodgers, who worked with Prince on several occasions, says of the album, “It’s one of those records that’s sort of like the Beatles’ ‘White Album’ and Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller.’ There’s the world before ‘1999,’ and then there’s the world after 1999. At least that’s the way I see it because he became such a superstar after that. It was almost meteoric, his rise. And Prince made such an impression on the world that it was one of those magical forces that was undeniable. I can think of so many of my great friends who were like big superstars, that just the mention of Prince would like sort of like drive them into a frenzy because he was so damned good.

“And God knows, my friendship with Prince, was pretty legendary and wonderful,” he continues. “I just think of the special moments that he’s given me in my life — when we released our last Chic album, if you look at [Prince’s] ‘Sexy MF’ video, he’s holding our CD.”

Episode Timeline
November 19 – Episode 1: My Mind Says Prepare to Fight
November 26 – Episode 2: Rearrange
December 3 – Episode 3: The Idolmaker
December 10 – Episode 4: Let’s Work