Fan favorite Zedd brought out two of his best-known collaborators, Maren Morris and Alessia Cara, for hit singles “The Middle” and “Stay” at Coachella weekend two.

The pair’s appearances and the overwhelming attendance at the German DJ’s set mark another notch in favor of Coachella’s long, and at this point, nearly complete transformation into a pop festival as opposed to rock. But attendees aren’t complaining — the audience filled out the area in front of the main stage far further back than several of the other main stage acts, and as Morris’ live performance was projected on the massive video screens behind the stage, more fans came running. Audience members weren’t exactly packed to the gills in the farther reaches, but that left more space for dancing, as nearly everyone in the audience was to some extent.

In addition to running through some of his pop hits, including “Stay the Night” — Paramore’s Hayley Williams present only in sound — Zedd included an homage to legacy rock resurgence band of the year Queen, playing through a good chunk of the beginning of “Bohemian Rhapsody.” He also kicked off one of his mixes with the opening riffs of AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” along with some of Brian Johnson’s ripping vocals.

The set, while different in guest acts, didn’t appear to be much of a departure from his weekend one performance, which brought out Katy Perry for the duo’s new collab “365.” Pyrotechnics made several appearances, as did striking visuals — par for the course for an electronic dance set.

Zedd also gave fans a preview of what they can expect later Sunday night, playing his collab with Ariana Grande “Break Free” off her 2014 album “My Everything.” The pop star didn’t make an appearance, however — fans will have to reutrn to the main stage at 10:35 p.m. for that.