Manager Nick Stern has left Vector for Izzy Zivkovic’s management concern Split Second, which counts Arcade Fire and Banks on its roster. Stern, who spent nine years at Vector, brings with him music clients Saint Motel, Phosphorescent (pictured above), Ben Abraham and Black Angels, among others acts, as well as managers Hampton Howerton and Lauren Pattenaude (Shannon & the Clams).

Stern, who worked with Kid Rock in various capacities for over 16 years, and Zivkovic, who represented Kanye West from 2010 to 2018, found commonality in their experiences handling two popular and outspoken music stars, as well as their entrepreneurship – prior to Vector, Stern ran his own company, 7-10 Music. Stern also worked for more than five years at Atlantic Records where he handled publicity for the label’s acts.

In an email announcing the move, Stern thanked Vector’s Ken Levitan and Jack Rovner “for not only tolerating me, but helping me grow as a manager and as a person.”

An advocate of transparency in the modern music industry, particularly as it pertains to payouts by streaming services, Stern wrote in a 2014 op-ed: “As we move into a world where the dollars from the streaming services add up — and overall revenue from the sale of music continues to decline — it’s time we all took a step back and figured out how to make this business run more effectively.”

Both Stern and Zivkovic, who also reps Tara Lily, Jack Garratt (with Adam Tudhope) and Kevin Garrett, will be based out of Split Second’s New York City offices.