It’s no surprise that the elaborate “Madame X” concept surrounding Madonna’s forthcoming album of the same name is beginning to make more sense with the release of the video from the album’s first single.

It elaborates on the album’s themes, which she previous aired in a series of Instagram clips (check them out for yourself here), features multiple sexy scenes with her collaborator, Colombian singer Maluma, and also references several past Madonna videos — fans will go hogwild, but we spotted references to “Like a Prayer,” “Human Nature” and “Don’t Tell Me,” as well as her “Blonde Ambition” phase. During one of several intimate scenes with Maluma, she licks something that turns out to be his toe.

We’re not sure what it all adds up to, but it’s fun to watch.

The song will lead the “Like a Prayer” singer’s 14th studio album “Madame X,” releasing June 14.  Madonna and Maluma will perform “Medellín” together  at the Billboard Music Awards on May 1.

In our review of the song, Variety wrote, “the song combines a sing-song melody with a reggaeton-inflected, shuffing beat; she and Maluma pair trade off flirty verses in Spanish throughout the song. And while the song may not be the dancefloor-filler that fans might be hoping for, it’s a sultry and promising introduction to Madonna’s latest era.”

“Madame X” is a collection of 15 new songs inspired by Madonna’s residency in Lisbon, Portugal.  “Lisbon is where my record was born,” Madonna said, “I found my tribe there and a magical world of incredible musicians that reinforced my belief that music across the world is truly all connected and is the soul of the universe.”

“Medellín” is the first of five tracks scheduled to be released before the entire “Madame X” album drops.