Forrest Gump has nothing on Lola Marsh. The Tel Aviv-based twosome of vocalist Yael Shoshana Cohen and multi-instrumentalist Gil Landau transform into ping pong rivals in the video for “Only for a Moment.” The indie-pop jam combines Cohen’s Lana Del Rey-esque vocals over an upbeat blend of snaps, claps, shakers, and a driving melody courtesy of Landau’s guitar. “The sound of the claps and finger snaps in the song fit perfectly with the idea of us in a ping pong match, so we went for it,” says Cohen.

Director Indy Hait and the duo wanted to challenge themselves, and they got what they asked for. “Yael and Gil worked very hard with our ping pong trainer and choreographer for a whole week, planning every move and performance,” Hait explains. Technology played its part in Hait’s execution as well. “The video was shot in a green screen studio using a big motion control robot with all its movement preprogrammed. Gil and Yael then had to practice the choreography alongside the big scary robot and it took some time to feel comfortable with it. After everything was shot, we entered post-production. The ball, obviously, is not real. It was done in post and animated manually. Then we added camera flashes and a crowd.”

This isn’t the first time Hait has teamed up with Lola Marsh. He directed the detailed video for their summer release, “Echoes,” which also features complex choreography and precise movements. “It was love at first tune,” he tells Variety. “Lola Marsh’s songs have a very cinematic quality and depth that match well with my aesthetics.”

Cohen concurs. “Visuals are very important to us,” she says. “It feels like they complete our vision of the songs. We wish we could make a video for every song we release!”

Adds Hait: “Working with Yael and Gil is always fun. In each video we try to create new challenges and they accept them with a level of commitment I’ve never seen before. It’s inspiring. They are my muse.”

The song “Only For A Moment” developed from a feeling Cohen and Landau shared while working on their second album — and trying not to maintain their sanity. “You see, we are the mama and papa of Lola Marsh,” explains Cohen, “and sometimes we need a break from being the responsible ‘parents.’ This song talks about how we depend on each other and raise the band together, with all of our ups and downs.”

Lola Marsh tours the U.S. and Europe in February and March, following the release of their second album early next year.

Watch the video “Only For A Moment” below: