The 12 Best Reactions to the Non-Arrival of Kanye West’s ‘Jesus Is King’ Album

Kanye West
Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/REX

Like thousands of people all over the world, we waited until midnight and beyond, checking Spotify and Apple Music, neurotically refreshing Twitter, Instagram and his website. The other Sept. 27 albums were posted shortly after midnight ET — and there was no “Jesus Is King.”

And although Kanye West is doing something today — he’s holding one of his church-themed “Sunday Service” performances in Detroit, yes, on a Friday — for the moment, “Jesus Is King” is in the infamous ranks of promised-but-unreleased West albums, along with “Watch the Throne 2,” “Yandhi,” “Good Ass Job” and several others. It’s no surprise: Even as sources close to the situation told Variety that “Jesus Is King” wasn’t coming Friday, West’s wife Kim Kardashian — who was the one to announce the album in the first place — continued to post on social media that it was, creating just the latest Trump-like Kanye media sh–storm over nothing.

Of course, it could still come at any time. People don’t seem to remember that West’s last solo album, “Ye” — yes, the one for which he flew hundreds of journalists, executives and celebrities to a ranch in Wyoming for an awesome listening party — wasn’t released until late the morning after its scheduled release time, and Teyana Taylor’s Kanye-helmed album didn’t appear for a couple of days after it was due.

Inevitably, right at midnight, prank Tweets about “Jesus Is King” started to appear — the best one of which is below — along with lots and lots and lots of memes. Just search on “Kanye” in Twitter and you’ll see dozens of them. (With props to Britain’s Independent for this headline: “As Jesus is King fails to appear, is Kanye West trolling us all from on high?”) So as we wait for Friday’s Sunday Service to begin — which is as absurd a commentary on our current news climate as any — we will tempt fate by posting some of the best reactions that were posted last night when the album didn’t arrive.