Songstress Kacey Musgraves sang a sea of praises to her manager Jason Owen as she presented him with the manager of the Y=year award at the Variety Hitmakers brunch.

“The second I met Jason Owen, my life completely changed. That was almost 10 years ago. We just had this instant connection. I mean, first of all, he’s a gigantic Southern queen, and he’s also a Leo,” she told the crowd.

“But he’s just also a very special person. And, there are many great qualities that make Jason an amazing manager. He has no fear of the word no — either saying it or hearing it. It just doesn’t faze him and he has no fear of telling someone ‘F— you, up the money,'” she said.  “He has no fear of dreaming a dream that might feel absolutely unreachable or f—ing crazy or impossible. So I know that whenever I send him these ideas, around, I don’t know, 2:30 a.m., and I say ‘Oh my God, I have this idea. I really want to do this. I can just see this thing,’ I know that it’s going to be met with a text probably around 8 a.m. saying, ‘Let’s f—ing do that.'”

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The singer recently performed the songs from her 2016 holiday album “A Very Kacey Christmas” on her new Christmas special “The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show,” currently available on Amazon Prime Video. The program features appearances from Kendall Jenner, Camilla Cabello, James Corden and Fred Armisen, among others.

Musgraves closed her speech with a heartwarming epithet sharing her gratitude for Owen saying, “He might be stationed in Nashville, but he really is a global thinker. He doesn’t see boundaries. Personally, I just think it’s really amazing to have that kind of person by your side and he inspires me so much. We’ve both come such a long way since we met — I mean, mostly my hair. It was terrible. Somehow he saw past that. He spends so much of his time fighting for those around him. He works his ass off and he’s made a lot of amazing things happen for me. So it’s a really nice turn of the tables today to be able to present him with something. Jason, I love you and I’m really proud of you.”