Oscar-nominated actress and singer Hailee Steinfeld dropped a new song on Thursday, “Afterlife (Dickinson)” from the upcoming Apple TV Plus series “Dickinson,” in which she stars and serves as an executive producer. According to the announcement, Steinfeld drew lyrical inspiration from her character, Emily Dickinson, and the themes and ideas in many of her literary works.

The song was co-written with hit-making duo Stargate (Charli XCX, Khalid, Julia Michaels) along with Kennedi Lyken (Ariana Grande, Jonas Brothers) and KOZ (Dua Lipa), and the song was co-produced by StarGate and KOZ.

“This record has become one of my favorite songs I’ve worked on and sonically, it’s indicative of the direction I’m exploring with my new music. There’s a line in the song that says ‘immortality is bliss’ and its reminiscent of a lot of Emily’s poems,” Steinfeld said in the announcement. “She lived during a time where women were forbidden from voicing their opinions and restricted in many ways, including how they dressed. I wanted the single art to reflect this idea too so the corset has an exaggerated cinch to represent how Emily in particular felt constricted and stifled.”

Steinfeld first announced “Afterlife (Dickinson)” this past Saturday during a panel discussion at Tribeca TV Festival in New York City following a screening of the first episode of the new series. “Dickinson will be available on Apple TV Plus Nov. 1.