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The Guild of Music Supervisors has partnered with Mondo.NYC for the second year. An incubator confab for the music and tech industries that includes a multi-venue festival showcasing emerging artists from around the world, Mondo.NYC is scheduled for Oct. 15 – 18 at the Williamsburg Hotel in Brooklyn.

The final day, Oct. 18, billed as the Second Annual NYC Guild of Music Supervisors Education Event & Film Festival, will feature panels with music supervisors Trevor Gureckis and Sue Jacobs, composer and music supervisor, respectively, of “The Goldfinch;” publishing professionals Andrea Minze, Senior Director, Music for Advertising, UMPG, and James Armstrong, VP Creative Marketing, Sony/ATV; and business development executives Jennifer Freed, CEO, Trevanna Tracks and Cestjon McFarland, general counsel/head of business affairs, SyncFloor.

Topics planned include how technology is improving the work of music supervisors; how composers and music supervisors can work better together and a case study on the campaign roll-out for Weedmaps’ Museum of Weed.

Programming for the sessions was headed by GMS co-founder Jonathan McHugh, who says: “A big part of the Guild’s mission is to give back to members of the film,TV sync world, music business and aspiring music supervisors and students. … We encourage people to attend to attend so that they can meet and learn form many of the top music supervisors/ music producers from advertising, film and TV in a very intimate setting in the library of the Williamsburg Hotel.”

9:00 AM 
Welcome Remarks

9:10 AM
Licensing Music for Podcasts…Is that A Thing?

There are more than two million podcasts currently indexed on Google. Podcast ad revenue is expected to reach $1.6 billion by 2022. Sixty-one percent of podcast listeners spend more time every week listening to podcasts than they do watching TV. Talk about a sea of change in entertainment! It is a phenomenon to say the least, but where do music content, marketing, funding and distribution fit in?

Anthony Roman began clearing songs for Ira Glass’s radio show/podcast “This American Life” after the two collaborated on a film. And most recently he has been music supervising the well regarded “Fiasco” and “The Clearing” podcasts. In this one-on-one interview, Anthony will discuss identifying and clearing music for podcasts and how the podcast market continues to explode across the globe.

Moderator: Rebecca Grierson, Music Supervisor, Sixty Four Music
Panelist: Anthony Roman, Independent Music Supervisor

10:00 AM
How New Tech & Software Are Improving the Lives of Music Supervisors

Cutting edge software is hitting the market at an ever-increasing rate. We introduce you to the latest breakthroughs enabling music supervisors to more efficiently organize and manage the music they’re inundated with. Hear from companies serving up new methods to improve supervisors’ lives.

Moderator: Jonathan McHugh, GMS Secretary & Founding Member/Producer
Panelists: Katrina Balcius, Disco Business Development Manager
Jennifer Freed, CEO, Trevanna Tracks
Cestjon McFarland, General Counsel/Head of Business Affairs, SyncFloor
Jeff Van Driel, CEO, mVibe

11:00 AM
What Do Music Editors Do and How Do They Collaborate with Music Supervisors?

Music editors can be the secret sauce to help a music supervisor sell a musical concept to a producer, director or brand. Meet three pairs of music editors and music supervisors and learn how they collaborate.

Panelists & Collaborations:
Music Supervisor Ed Gerrard & Music Editor Todd Kasow (Succession, Oceans 8, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs) talk about their collaboration on the upcoming documentary Mr. Soul.
Music Supervisor Jonathan McHugh & Music Editor Jonathan Schultz discuss their collaboration on the Cinemax TV Series Jett.
Music Supervisor Doug Bernheim & Music Editor Shari Johanson discuss their collaboration on the Robert Redford film The Discovery.

12:00 Noon
Advertising Case Study #1: How mcgarrybowen Built a World-Leading Music Department from the Ground Up

mcgarrybowen’s head of music, Jerry Krenach, has grown the agency’s music production capabilities from one person in 2008 to the largest music department in advertising today. Meet members of the agency’s NYC  team that are delivering dynamic music solutions and memorable campaigns for clients like American Express, United Airlines, Intel, Subway and more. Learn how they established the department’s model and about the role it has played in mcgarrybowen’s growth and producing consistent A-List creative work.

Moderator: Jonathan Hecht, Founder + Music Supervisor, Venn Arts
Panelists: Jerry Krenach, Managing Director, Global Music Production
Patrick Oliver, Executive Music Producer
Stephen Stallings, Senior Music Producer
Vlad Bar, Music Producer
Sarah Tembeckjian, Associate Music Producer

1:00 PM

2:00 PM
One Spot: One Story

Three music supervisors tell the stories behind some of their most outstanding advertising work and placements over the past year. Each speaker will have 10 minutes to share one spot and the story behind it, taking you through their complete cycle, from ideating and developing a music direction, navigating unique creative challenges and ultimately executing noteworthy content.

Moderator: Al Risi, Partner & Head of Music Supervision and Licensing, Groove Guild

Joanne Batemits, Executive Producer Music, Carousel.NYC
Winslow Bright, Executive Producer, Search Party Music
Kurt Steinke, Music Producer, Townhouse

3:00 PM
Advertising Case Study #2: Weedmaps Museum of Weed

A conversation with Charlotte von Kotze, Director of Music for Virtue, Vice Media’s creative agency responsible for the recently launched Weedmaps Museum of Weed. Charlotte and creative and licensing rep James Armstrong (Vice President Creative Marketing, Sony/ATV), will discuss the creative process that went into scoring and clearing exhibits in the museum. These are not your typical music clearances — music here is used as part of a 30,000 sq. ft. experience that features immersive exhibits, art installations, a plant lab and iconic artists. Look for other panelists to be added in the coming weeks.

Moderator: Ricki Askin, VP Music Servicing & Licensing, Vice Media

James Armstrong, VP Creative Marketing, Sony/ATV
Charlotte Von Kotze, Director of Music, Vice Media
Andrea Minze, Senior Director, Music for Advertising, UMPG

4:00 PM
Composer & Music Supervisor Collaboration 

This is one of the most important partnerships that exists in the film & TV universe. Hear up close and personal insights as panelists discuss their collaboration in the upcoming Amazon/Warner Brothers film The Goldfinch, starring Ansel Elgort, Finn Wolfhard and Nicole Kidman. Learn how music supervisors and composers collaborate with the director to bring the music in a film or TV show to life.

Moderator: Ed Gerrard, GMS NY Board Member & Music Supervisor

Trevor Gureckis, Composer of The Goldfinch
Sue Jacobs, Music Supervisor of The Goldfinch