Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump to Release ‘Spell’ Soundtrack, Hear First Single Here

Fall Out Boy - Patrick StumpLeeds Festival, Bramham Park, Leeds, UK - 25 Aug 2018

Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump continues his extensive work in the film/TV soundtrack realm with the release of “Spell,” which comes on Nov. 1 on Milan Records through Sony Music Masterworks. The soundtrack features Stump’s music from Crush Pictures’ psych-thriller, including the ballad “Deep Blue Love.” a soulful, blues-tinged ballad performed by Stump and recorded exclusively for the project, which you can hear below. “Spell” made its debut at last year’s LA Film Festival and will premiere in theaters Friday, November 1 and on VOD and DVD beginning Tuesday, November 19.


“Brendan gave me a real chance as a composer,” says Stump of working with director Brendan Walter on the soundtrack to “Spell.”  “I was allowed to explore elements of my writing that I could never have without the narrative of the film. This score was fantastic to work on because I got to play with the film’s theme of emotional ambiguity: How much of this is actually happening? How much of this is in Benny’s Head? Is he working towards achieving a goal or is he being consumed by some kind of ominous horror? Asking and in some cases answering those questions with music was a real thrill.”

Stump’s work in the genre includes 2017’s “Gnome Alone,” and more recently scoring work on “Changeland” and “The Banana Splits Movie.”  He’s also done shorts, mini-series and docs.

“As fans of Milan’s catalogue, as well as their commitment to artists and black magic, we’re super excited to partner on this release for Spell,” adds Crush Pictures’ Jon Lullo.  “It’s a perfect home for Patrick’s unique score which helped create the magical Icelandic world depicted in the film.”

The film follows an American illustrator’s soul-searching journey across the isolated Icelandic countryside after the unexpected death of his fiancée. He becomes drawn into a supernatural world of ancient runes and secrets — unless it’s all in his head.  Produced by Crush Pictures and directed by Brendan Walter, Spell stars Barak Hardley, Jackie Tohn, Magnús Jónsson and Birna Rún Eiríksdóttir.



  1. Pen is Mightier and The Parisol Waltz
  2. Scenic Route
  3. Loftur Calls
  4. Instincts
  5. Are You Not?
  6. The Glacier
  7. Runebuggy
  8. Love in the Time of Tinitis
  9. Cabin Lights and the Love of My Life
  10. With My Bare Hands
  11. Polonaise du Medecin
  12. Deep Blue Love