UPDATED: Eric Sundermann, head of content for The Fader, was fired by the company on Monday after an investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct that initially emerged on Twitter.

A rep for the company confirmed Sundermann’s departure to Variety, but denied a report in Billboard stating that publisher Andy Cohn was also under investigation for “enabling Eric and looking the other way.”

“Andy is not under investigation,” the rep told Variety Wednesday morning.

In a statement to Variety, Fader cofounder Jon Cohen said: “Over this past weekend, allegations regarding Eric Sundermann were brought to our attention. On Monday, management investigated and we determined that the allegations were a true violation of our employment policies. Our team quickly stepped in and terminated our working relationship with Eric that evening.

“At The Fader, we continue to stick to our values – that music and its community is something to be celebrated by everyone. The Fader was created with the purpose of providing an inclusive space that fosters discovery and connection, and it’s crucial that this space is open and safe.

“This decision was not taken lightly – but it does reflect our values, and, we hope, set an example for the music industry when faced with individuals who do not appear to be holding themselves to a higher standard regarding interpersonal conduct with those they work with. There is no point at which an abuse of power will be tolerated, nor is there any point where sexual harassment should be accepted.

“Going forward, The Fader will continue to strive to make its community, and its workplace, a safe space for all employees, no matter the circumstance.” Sundermann’s departure was first reported by Pitchfork.

Sundermann was hired by The Fader in December 2018 as its first head of content after an internal reorganization that saw several previous staffers departing. He was previously at Vice’s music site Noisey for five years, where he had been editor in chief since November 2015. Prior to Noisey, he had worked as a freelance writer or an assistant or intern at The Village Voice, New York magazine, Complex, The Onion, Spin and Rolling Stone.

Founded in 1999, The Fader is an outlet of Cornerstone Agency, which was founded by former Arista Records executive Rob Stone in 1996; co-CEO Jon Cohen came aboard the following year. The pair are founding publishers of the magazine, which since its inception has specialized in up-and-coming hip-hop and alternative artists, travel and fashion.