Former Sleater-Kinney drummer Janet Weiss has cancelled a tour with her bands Quasi and Slang after a “scary” car accident last weekend that left her with a broken leg and collar bone. Her recovery is expected to take two weeks.

“Hey friends I have some bad news,” she wrote. “I was involved in a scary car accident last weekend in which my right leg and left collar bone were broken. As thoroughly bummed as I am about canceling the shows, I’m also incredibly thankful the accident wasn’t worse and so happy to be alive!” she wrote on Twitter late Tuesday. “I am lucky my injuries will heal and I’ll be back at it in a couple months.”

She thanked medical staff and bandmate Drew Grow — “he was in the accident too and suffered a fractured rib,” she wrote — and her sister for flying to Weiss’ home in Portland to assist.

Early in July, just six weeks ahead of the release of Sleater-Kinney’s new album, Weiss surprised many by announcing she was leaving the band. In a post on social media captioned “Big changes,” Weiss wrote, “after intense deliberation and with heavy sadness, I have decided to leave Sleater-Kinney. … it is time for me to move on.” She said she planned to focus on Quasi and Slang.

The band’s Corin Tucker and Carrie Brownstein  posted on the official Sleater-Kinney account, “We are saddened by Janet’s decision to leave Sleater-Kinney. It has been an incredible privilege to work with such a talented musician and drummer over the course of so many albums.” The group has said it will carry on with a different drummer.