Coachella Mystery Solved? Gucci Gang Is Apparently a Supergroup With Gucci Mane, Lil Pump, Smokepurpp

Gucci Gang

Coachella’s lineup announcement is always followed by online chaos — opinions, gratitude, hateration and more —  but one thing that was mostly overlooked in the wake of the festival’s unusually late newsbreak (at, ahem, 11:25 p.m. ET) was the presence of an artist called Gucci Gang. Which was confusing on any number of levels, because no such group was known to exist, although it was the name of Lil Pump’s 2017 hit, and of course Gucci Mane is one of Atlanta’s most legendary rappers.

On the Coachella artist page, the name linked to a photo of Gucci Mane, and howls of online outrage ensued over such a flagrant apparent typo. “At first, people thought it might be a new rap group featuring Lil Pump — ya know, ’cause of his song “Gucci Gang,” TMZ said in a relatively even-toned post, “but when [Gucci Mane’s] image was attached to the name in a more detailed breakdown of the lineup, it became clear someone just screwed up.” Reps for the rappers have not responded to Variety’s requests for comment, but contacted late Thursday morning, a rep for Coachella insisted that Gucci Gang was the correct name.

An hour and change later, the mystery apparently was solved: The photo of Gucci Mane on the Coachella website was replaced by a split image of him with Lil Pump and Miami rapper/producer Smokepurpp, who are apparently now a supergroup called Gucci Gang.

Whether this mystery was intentional, or simply a case of miscommunication at the end of a long holiday break and a rollout that was tumultuous even by Coachella standards (we haven’t even mentioned yesterday’s kerfuffle over Kanye West’s reported last-minute cancellation of a performance at the festival) remained unclear at press time.