For a group that’s rising fast with the song “Act Up,” City Girls — the Miami-spawned duo of Yung Miami and JT — haven’t really stuck to anyone’s idea of a marketing plan: JT is in prison, serving out a two-year sentence for credit card fraud, and Yung Miami is pregnant. Yet as their hot singles, their still-booming album “Girl Code” and meme-driven phrases like “periodt” and “flewed out” show, a lot can happen without an artist actually being present in 2019. And with JT expected to be released within the next few weeks, the duo are gearing up to dig in and keep pushing, Yung Miami told Variety, alongside Quality Control label chiefs Coach K and Pee, on the red carpet at ASCAP’s Rhythm & Soul Awards last week.

Congrats on your pregnancy, how was it announcing it to the world?
Thank you! At first I was nervous because I was afraid of all of the backlash I was gonna receive, but in reality I received a lot of love. Everyone was very supportive of me, so I feel honored and blessed.

Why did you think you would receive backlash?
Because when women usually get pregnant in hip-hop, they feel like their career is over. But the times have changed now, you can have a baby and still pursue your career.

But you were already a mother.
Yes I was a mother before I started rapping. My [first] baby is 5 years old.

How has it been how is it adjusting to the fame?
I’ve adjusted to it now. It’s been two years so I’m used to it, it’s an everyday lifestyle.

What’s it like dating Southside, who’s a well-known producer for Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Flame, Future and others?
One time, I tried to get into the studio. He was so hard on me! He was like, “Say this part again, do this part!” I just was like “You know what? I can’t do it.”

Do you guys separate the relationship from work?
Yes. If I want to go in the studio, he’ll give me whatever I want — but I’d just rather not work with him because he’ll go hard on me. I think that’s what I need, but it’s just like, “Send me the beat, I’ll do my part and get it back to you.”

When is JT coming home?
She should be coming home this summer. 

How often do you talk to her?
I talk to her everyday through email.

What are you guys gonna do when she gets out?
Get drunk! [laughs]

And create a fire record?

Did you think “Act Up” would be the hit that it’s become?
No, I hated “Act Up.” When me and JT made [“Girl Code”], that was the song I hated. Now that’s one of our biggest songs.

Can you talk about the “flewed out” movement you started?
I was drunk one day trying to do a drop for show. I ended up saying “flewed out” and it ended up going viral. Now it’s in the urban dictionary!

What can we expect next?
JT coming home, City Girls tour, new album, videos!