Another commercial starring Cardi B is on TV — and this time, it’s for Reebok.

Harkening back to the original Reebok classic — which first appeared in 1983 and maintained popularity throughout the ’90s — the Grammy-winning rapper’s ’90s knowledge is put to the test with a series of nostalgic challenges. She puts an impressive number of the era’s iconic plastic slap bracelets on her wrists in 20 seconds, but fails when it’s time to send a fax. Despite nailing the definitions of a stack of ’90s slang words, including “all that and a bag of chips” and “booyah,” Cardi admitted she might not be the most knowledgeable about the decade.

“You know around the ’90s I was practically saying ‘goo goo gaga?'” she says to the camera.

The “I Like It” artist has been dominating ad space as of late, having starred in not one, but two Super Bowl ads. In a Pepsi ad, she plays on the old restaurant cliche “Is Pepsi okay?” by adding her signature chirp: “Are you asking if Pepsi is Okurrrt?”

In the Amazon ad, she joins celebrities like Rebel Wilson and Gordon Ramsay by taking a shift as the voice of Alexa when the AI companion gets temporar laryngitis.

Sporting the brand’s new burnt orange Aztrek sneaker, Cardi channels that same ’90s realness she put on display in the “Finesse” video with Bruno Mars in “Reebok Classic Presents: Cardi B vs. The ’90s.”